Saturday, June 30, 2012

put a little trust

trust or believe 
they seem hard to be done
but i do put a little trust on you
realizing there's a big wall ahead
but i still put a little trust
hoping that we can break the wall
so that we can pursue the dreams or fantasies
that you have been telling me
i don't have the confidence
as much i said that i am very confident
deep in my heart
there was none
i pretend to
because i'm afraid
afraid of every possibilities that would come
afraid of every trust you put on me
afraid that i'll let you down
afraid that you'll change one day
afraid of losing you in the end
and all of the memories will be worthless
and there will be the sad ending
which i hate the most

don't let me down
don't let the uncertain kills me
don't let any of memories we built gone
because i appreciate and love them as much as you do.