Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tongue twister twister tongue tongue twister twister tongue

quite a long time i'm not blogging..kind of busy doing some stuffs like assignments.
for the last minute person like me.hehehehe..it will be so miserable.
ok i'm way to merayban about other things.
now i wanna share something with you about what me and my classmates did for MUET class today..
just look at the title..it's about twister tongue or tongue twister..see??i get twistered already..
get ready..


Dante says cliche is cliche to Lotte
as Lotte said cliche is as Wutte cliche
is hackneyed
Then Dante clench cliche clash
Lotte's cliche but hook to Wutte hackneyed
Which cliche is cliche
The cliche cursory cynical cycle
Wutte  cliche as cliche is hackneyed
But tought hackneyed cliche's preferable hackneyed

so??give it a try ok?i'm not really good in this.
credits to Q and our group members..!
we won by the way..although we didn't get the RM10..hehehehehehe
that's it for now...bubye..salam.

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