Friday, November 11, 2011

let the heart talks

this best describe what i feel right now
so, do you ever feel that when you want something,but you can't get it?
no matter how hard you pray for it
hope for it
dream for it
wish for it like so much

you see people around you getting something they really want so easy 
and you feel envy towards them
sometimes you feel it's just not fair that you have to deal with it
no matter how hard you try
no matter how hard you pray
no matter how hard you dream for it
you will not get it

You will blame everything
your family
and even Allah

so, where is your iman?
where is your believe towards Allah?
where is your trust towards Him?
where is your love towards Him?

Just pray and never stop trying 
He will always listen to you
He will give to you
Put 100% trust to him

because he is The Most Powerful
The Most Merciful
The Most Gracious
towards all of us

Be grateful of what you have
You'll never know what will happen in future
He got the best plan for you
Accept it

you already have everything in your life

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